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About the job Head of Finance and Business Administration

Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya [YPJ] is a school that provides an inclusive education for PT Freeport Indonesia [PTFI] national employees. The student population has a diverse range of needs with a demographic of around 30 percent Papuan students and 70 percent Indonesian students from various parts of the Indonesian archipelago. The school is an IB Continuum School [PYP and MYP]. The language of Instruction is Bahasa Indonesia.


The Head of Finance and Business Administration is responsible for the financial management of Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya, including managing the fiscal accounts and budget. He/She advises the Director of YPJ Schools on strategic budget expenditure and variance. The Head of Finance and Business Administration has oversight for all accounts and the management of compensation and benefits for YPJ in collaboration with PTFI Compensation and Benefits. The incumbent has governance oversight and sits on the Yayasan board beside facilitating government relations related to Manpower and Immigration with support for the YPJ Government Relations and Outreach persons.

The role requires dexterity and skill to navigate a complex cultural, corporate and government environment.


  • Highly ethical and values-oriented, and uses this to generate organizational intelligence
  • Remains steadfast and ensures service providers, agencies, community partners, continue to deliver the level of service agreed upon.
  • Makes decisions that improve effective utilization of resources. This includes utilizing resources to meet current and future goals, with a view to the tactical and strategic aspects of the organization
  • Uses ones network of contacts to gather information, identify strategic opportunities and seek input to strategic problems with a view to sustaining service excellence and/or to develop a reputation in the community.
  • Translates organizational change strategies into specific and practical goals, processes and time frames.
  • Develops contingency plans for major resistance and/or unforeseen issues in implementing change.
  • Solves complex problems that may involve using several analytical or creative techniques to break the problem down into component parts or issues
  • Adapts existing frameworks to approach a situation from a different perspective.
  • Provides opportunities for employee development in light of current and future organizational needs.
  • Implements structures, succession planning mechanisms, and processes that promote employee development in line with the organizations goals.
  • Works to resolve conflicts, within and/or across teams, by clarifying understanding, listening for underlying concerns, and defining areas of agreement and of disagreement between parties.
  • Consults with others and maintains objectivity when working on issues that cross boundaries.
  • Aligns multiple perspectives across agencies/groups to best meet the needs of the client or other stakeholders to create synergy.
  • Consistently holds self and others accountable for promoting collaboration and resolving cross-boundary conflicts to facilitate win-win resolution of differences.



  • Implement all Financial, Accounting and Prudential policies of PTFI
  • Ensure all appropriate financial policies are in place and adhered to by all sections of the YPJ community
  • Ensure all budget procedures, protocols and reports are in place, in cooperation with the Director of Schools and the Heads of Campus
  • Liaise with PTFI Finance and Accounting in the preparation of the schools financial statements, including acting on any management recommendations.
  • Contribute to the financial preparation and costing of the YPJ strategic plan, including the financial appraisal for particular projects.
  • In consultation with the Director of YPJ schools prepare annual budgets and quarterly forecasts, including projections for current and future years.
  • Administer the financial aspects of external events and audit the accounts when events have been completed.
  • Deliver financial services to corporate standards to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Prepare internal financial management reports and briefing papers for the Director and others to ensure effective control of expenditure and efficient accounting.
  • Supervise the YPJ Accounts personnel to ensure timely and accurate reporting including accrual

Compensation and Benefits

  • Lead and advise on changes to GOI laws related to compensation, benefits and contractual compliance
  • Be responsible for and ensure compliance with agreed compensation and benefits regulations.
  • Liaise with PTFI Compensation and Benefits in the development of salary and benefits remuneration for YPJ Staff in consultation with the Head of Human Resources.
  • Present and communicate regular updates to staff on Salary and Benefits
  • Establish, negotiate and implement a Pension and Savings plan for Yayasan employees
  • Prepare annual Completion and Performance Bonuses for YPJ
  • Prepare and approve severance and retirement settlements in accordance with Indonesian Law
  • Lead and manage the Housing Loan Program for the Yayasan
  • Work with the Contracts Department to ensure contractor salaries and benefits are maintained. 

Accounts and Contracts Management

  • Manage and administrate the schools accounts, including payment of contracts, payroll, compensation and benefits in conjunction with appropriate PTFI Departments.
  • Maintain analyses of costs and other statistical financial records and provide input to ensure financial benchmarks are met
  • Deal with the Schools tax assessments, Jamsostek, BPJS and accounts payments.
  • Keep accurate and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by statute, administrative codes and Yayasan policy.
  • Manage all accounting functions including nominal, purchase, accrual, contracts and payroll.
  • Liaise with Finance and Accounting to ensure the operation of financial controls through internal audits, and quarterly variance reports
  • Liaise with Finance and Accounting to ensure budgetary adjustments are approved and accounted.
  • Process all orders and invoices on SAP Finance System ensuring that the school complies with the authorization levels as prescribed within the schools internal financial procedures.
  • Manage accounts ensuring that transactions are processed promptly and within the procedures prescribed within the schools and PTFI internal accounting procedures.
  • Collate pay and expense related claim forms and check for accuracy and retain copies for the school for reconciliation purposes.
  • Oversee Contract Management for all providers in consultation with the PTFI Contracts Department including the amendment and revision for contract extension-renewal.
  • Ensure all contracts are prepared in accordance with business and legal requirements and are reviewed for accuracy by Contract Services

Business Administration

  • Liaise with PTFI Government Relations and other departments related with all aspects of the Yayasan operations pertaining to the GOI.
  • Supervise, manage and coordinate the business affairs of the school efficiently and
  • effectively to ensure that educational services achieve the goals of the school with the available financial resources.
  • Manage the purchase requisition and resource procurement for the school
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual school budget and be responsible for the administration of all phases of the budget throughout the year.
  • Assume responsibility for the audit of all claims, and invoices for approval and payment.
  • Implement hospitalization, major medical and other types of employee benefits in consultation with the Head of Human Resources
  • Develop and update policies for all aspects of the school business operation.
  • Safeguard and maintain all records and papers of the board, and devise a system of acceptable recording and filing to guarantee the safety and availability of all financial reports, contracts, and records
  • Stay current on Yayasan law, industrial and fiscal matters, including child safeguarding and the Yayasan Articles of Association
  • Ensure the YPJ Faculty Handbook and Yayasan Policies are updated and current including the associated Gurunet on the YPJ Website in collaboration with the Head of Human Resources

Sit as treasurer on the Board of YPJ

  • Formalities, Immigration and Manpower
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Manpower on all matters pertaining to Foreign Employees and National workforce in collaboration with the Head of Human Resources
  • Monitor the work permit approval of Foreign Employees with the Head of Human Resources
  • Report on the status and composition of the National and Expatriate workforce to DEPNAKER -Ministry of Manpower
  • Facilitate Immigration Permits for Foreign Employees
  • Prepare Foreign Worker Data and Approvals for Immigration and the Ministry of Manpower
  • Liaise with PTFI Government Relations related with all aspects of the Yayasan operations pertaining to Government of Indonesia [GOI] interaction.

SPK Accreditation

Represent the Yayasan to the Ministry of Education Kemendikbud, Provincial and Local authorities in collaboration with the Head of Government Relations and the Head of Human Resources

Supervise and monitor preparation of documentation to support SPK Accreditation, especially as it relates to Yayasan Articles


  • Demonstrated interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • B.A./B.Ed./B.Sc. degree or equivalent at minimum. A Masters Degree preferred
  • Financial and Accounting certification preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in Financial Management
  • Capacity with the English language
  • Relevant administrative and managerial experience

Dateline: 26 Feb 2024

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